Las Vegas NBA Pro Day with Jordan Lawley Pro Trainer! Gold Net Mini Doc Summer 2016

Gold Net Basketball takes a road trip with professional basketball trainer and skills coach Jordan Lawley(@jlawbball), and fellow basketball trainer David Conte (@dc_basketball_academy) on a trip to Las Vegas. We document a day in the life of Jordan Lawley as he prepares his guys for an intense Pro Day skills showcase in front of 30 NBA team representatives in Las Vegas, Nevada!

One thing that stood out to us about JLaw, is his passion for the game, his craft, and his players, along with his attention to detail. Any aspiring athlete or trainer can learn a lot with just a short conversation with Jordan because of his desire to make everyone around him better, and his willingness to share critical knowledge about life and basketball, that he has learned throughout his experience as a basketball player and trainer.

We had an amazing time on this trip with Jordan Lawley, and David Conte, it was definitely one of the major highlights of our summer!

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