Drew League Air Hangar 2016 FULL BATTLE - Ft. Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Terrence Ross Baron Davis

The Nike Jordan Air Hangar court was on another level this weekend!!

Baron Davis' team BB4L Defeats The Problems 104-93, in a high powered game Ft Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Victor Rudd, & Mike Williams, Terrence Ross, Casper Ware Jr, Eugene Phelps!

This was one of two Drew League Featured Games on a court that can only be compared to something you see in a video game!! A basketball game played in a Jet Hangar, with a Jordan Jet parked right outside, as a backdrop for a max capacity electric crowd! How much more epic could a game of basketball possibly get? LA Basketball is LIVE !! We are honored to be a part of it.

Nike & Jordan came together with a slogan of #UNITE, bringing the community together through Basketball, in honor of the USA Basketball.

Much More from this event coming soon!

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Production: @GoldNetSam

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