Mike Purdie WINS ASTON MARTIN!! Nike Jordan Air Hangar Gold Net MIX!!

Michael Purdie DUNKS his way into a Brand New 2016 Aston Martin at Nike Jordan Air Hangar on 7/23/16 !!! On a night where Air Hangar hosted Drew League match ups featuring Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Terrence Ross, Baron Davis & more, Mike Purdie was the highlight of the day winning his most prestigious dunk contest yet!

To begin the contest, they announced that the winner would be walking away with a brand new 2016 Aston Martin, & Mike Purdie looked more focused than ever coming in, as he handled business and took home the new ride!

Big Thanks to Nike, Jordan, USA Basketball & Everyone at involved in putting together such an amazing event at the Air Hangar for the LA Basketball community!

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Video Rick Montanez @GoldNetRick & Sam Briones @GoldNetSam

Edited By Sam Briones @GoldNetSam

Music: I got the Keys DJ Khaled Instrumental

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