2016 Drew League MVP Candidate Interviews

Gold Net got a chance to interview some Drew League familiars and ask their opinion on who they think should be the 2016 Drew League MVP.

We interviewed the "Voice of the Drew" George Preciado who goes on to say how the MVP race is so tight, it should be a Co-MVP. He was torn between Franklin Sessions aka Frank Nitty of Birdies Revenge and Van Girard of BB4L. When asked about Kerry Carter of Redemption, George goes on to express the toughness of his choice. He also includes Pat Rembert as a nominee, stating how one can't go wrong with him as a MVP choice.

We spoke with Head Coach and Professional trainer Keion Kindred and congratulated him on having two of the MVP candidates play on each one of his basketball teams. Kerry Carter of Redemption & Pat Rembert of LA Loop. When asked who he thinks MVP should be he goes on to state how he is biased towards his players because four of the five candidates he trains personally. Consistency Leads to Currency (CLC) is their motto and gettin' buckets is their game. Keion then goes on to also vote for a Co-MVP this summer season and announces his choices as being Frank Nitty of Birdies Revenge & Pat Rembert of LA Loop, "Reason being, you take those two guys off either team, I don't think those teams win a game."

We asked Head Coach of Scrapes & Gravel & Co-Founder of Air West Chris Young who he thinks should be the Drew League MVP this 2016 Summer season. Young says Pat Rembert of LA Loop for similar reasons, "Without him his team doesn't win a game." Young goes on to say how he also likes Van Girard of BB4L, but due to how stacked BB4L is, Girard almost gets "over-shadowed" where as LA Loop would have difficulty winning without Rembert. Young then goes on to state how Frank Nitty of Birdies Revenge is also very much in the MVP run.

Tough choices all around. The Drew League is stacked with talent this summer, and it just keeps getting better and better.

We also got to speak with Howard Compton aka "Big O" the man with all your Drew News, who name drops a bunch of ballers who, in his opinion, could be in the MVP race and how close it is this year and how difficult it is to just choose one! He goes on to say that Van is the most likely to be announced MVP, but when we asked him who his choice was he said Nitty for the facts that he comes through clutch during tough moments of the game.

We caught up with Stat Master Law Murray and asked him who he believes the 2016 Drew League MVP is. Murray announces Franklin Sessions aka Frank Nitty of Birdies Revenge due to how clutch he comes through in each of his games and how even though things get hectic, Nitty always keeps his head in the game and stays focused, making himself a huge back brace for Birdies Revenge. When asked about Pat Rembert, Murray goes on to state how he believe Rembert is "the best scorer in the game" and how Rembert was the only reason why LA Loop made playoffs.

We stepped Behind The Buckets with founder Q and asked her who she thinks the Drew league MVP is. Two names quickly popped into her head, Frank Sessions aka Nitty of Birdies Revenge and Van Girard of BB4L. Further stating that "what Van does for his team is very impressive" especially since he is surrounded by so much talent and still able to stand out amongst those other ballers, some of who actually play in the NBA and overseas professional teams. She also reiterates how Frank Nitty is the whole team and carries majority of the weight on his shoulders.

Got a chance to kick it on the one's and two's with Los Angeles' very own DJ Young Free who's rockin' with Pat Rembert of LA Loop for the simple fact that he's one of the top leading scorers in the league. Young Free expresses his respect for the humble, hard working Rembert.

We also caught a few votes from some of the Drew Crew. Fanatics of the game, holdin' it down on the court making sure the event is live and safe for the audience. Each Crew member had different opinions and choices, but it seems like the name that dropped the most was Frank Nitty of Birdies Revenge.

We even got a few words from Drew League photographer Charlie Lopez who goes on to say how Van Girard is undoubtedly the 2016 Drew League MVP due to his fierce and consistent competitiveness.

We also asked well renowned Nike & Drew League photographer Aaron Poole who votes for Frank Nitty of Birdies revenge due to his game being "on another level."

It seems like majority of the votes went to Franklin Sessions aka Frank Nitty of Birdies Revenge which doesn't surprise us at all. Nitty is a beast on the court and is well deserving of such a high honor.

We were, on the other hand, actually surprised at the lack of Kerry Carter votes. Redemption only lost one game all season and made it to the Drew league Semi-Finals. As Head Coach Keion Kindred said earlier, Redemption is still a good team without KC, but are they Semi-Finals good? Carter has been dropping consistent double-doubles all season and his court vision and basketball IQ is ranked up there as top notch.

Our very own Sam Briones @GoldNetSam voted for Kerry Carter due to him surpassing all other candidates in terms of wins and playoff advancements.

Our boy Rick Montanez @GoldNetRick voted for Frank Nitty due to the lack of depth on his team and his clutch mentality, not to mention his athleticism and skill sets.

Congratulations to each Nominee and good luck to you all! Keep ballin' out! #GoldNet Franklin Sessions (@franknittyy), Pat Rembert (@prembert11), Van Girard (@vgirard24), Kerry Carter (@_kcart3r). @DrewLeague #TheDrew #Summer16 #MVP

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