2016 Drew League MVP Candidate Interviews

Gold Net got a chance to interview some Drew League familiars and ask their opinion on who they think should be the 2016 Drew League MVP.

We interviewed the "Voice of the Drew" George Preciado who goes on to say how the MVP race is so tight, it should be a Co-MVP. He was torn between Franklin Sessions aka Frank Nitty of Birdies Revenge and Van Girard of BB4L. When asked about Kerry Carter of Redemption, George goes on to express the toughness of his choice. He also includes Pat Rembert as a nominee, stating how one can't go wrong with him as a MVP choice.

We spoke with Head Coach and Professional trainer Keion Kindred and congratulated him on having two of the MVP candidates play on each one of his basketball teams. Kerry Carter of Redemption & Pat Rembert of LA Loop. When asked who he thinks MVP should be he goes on to state how he is biased towards his players because four of the five candidates he trains personally. Consistency Leads to Currency (CLC) is their motto and gettin' buckets is their game. K