Q&A With Kobe Bryant!!! Nike Kobe A.D. Shoe Release! 11/1/16

Kobe Bryant tells us the details about the upgrades made to his latest edition shoe, the Kobe A.D.

Kobe A.D. is the twelfth upgrade of the original mamba shoes, they are also the most innovative and scientifically advanced basketball shoe Kobe has dropped.

The designs that went into these shoes took in much consideration, consideration from sources an average basketball player would never tend to look. Kobe found his influences from the "sharpness" of a fast car and ankle support from a soccer cleat and how both tend to find their direction of the path they're set to be on. Quick change in direction, sharp footwork and speed, the ability to get to your destination as quickly as possible.

The Kobe A.D.'s are lightweight, sharp and made with the new advancement of heel support. Kobe describes how a big source of support for a shoe comes from the heel and not the ankle.

Our man Sam Briones asked Kobe, "what are one of your biggest challenges as a business man?" Kobe responds, "patience."

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Video & Interview by Sam Briones (@goldnetsam) & Rick Montanez (@goldnetrick)

Edited by Sam Briones (@goldnetsam) & Rick Montanez (@goldnetrick)

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