Gold Net Spotlight: Training Day with ICEO CA ft Stanley Johnson Kelly Oubre Fank Kaminski and other

Behind the Scenes All Access Look at some of OC's premier basketball trainers and enthusiasts known as ICEO (Intellegence Concentration Effort Order). Featuring ICEO Trainers Shea Frazee & Charlie Torres as they train Stanley Johnson, Kelly Oubre, Frank Kaminski, DJ Wilson, and others, & give us insight to how ICEO got started and the journey that brought them where they are today!

Full of highlights from ICEO at The Drew 2015 including ballers such as Stanley Johnson, Andre Drummond, Solomon Hill, Katin Reinhardt, AJ Gasporra, & Shea Frazee!

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Special Thanks: ICEO CA @ICEOCA Drew Ruiz @DrewRuiz Shea Frazee @BillyH02 Charlie Torres

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Camera: Rick Montanez @GoldNetRick, Sam Briones @GoldNetSam

Edited by Sam Briones @GoldNetSam

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