Carmelo Anthony Lights Up Madison Square Garden Against Spurs

Carmelo Anthony lights up the San Antonio Spurs in Madison Square Garden! The crowd creeped off their seats everytime Melo touched the ball and absolutely erupted every shot Carmelo Anthony drained!

The Spurs just couldn't seem to find an answer for Anthony as he proved to be unstopable matching up against every defender Gregg Popovich threw at him, including a last second double team by LaMarcus Aldridge on a turnaround jumper.

The way Carmelo played and the way the crowd was responding to him raises the question, "do you still trade Melo?"

We here at Gold Net Basketball can't seem to find any kind of reason why any team would want to trade Carmelo Anthony. He may not be the greatest defender in the league, but he can definitely get buckets and fill the seats.

We all heard the rumors and trade talks that Lebron James even wants Carmelo to cruise over to the Cleveland Caveliers for a shot at a ring, but who knows if a deal like that is even possible, or that Melo can even find his way down to LA to play with the Los Angeles Clippers. Anything is possible now a days, but what is realistic?

What do you think? Comment your thoughts below.

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Video courtesy of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Edited by Gold Net Basketball Rick Montanez (@goldnetrick)

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