LeBron James vs James Harden MVP Highlights Houston Rockets Defeat Cleveland Caveliers

LeBron James and James Harden went at it to showcase why they are two of the top contenders in the MVP race.

It was bucket after bucket and looked to be a one on one battle between the two James'. As soon as LeBron would score Harden would come right down the court to get his.

The crowd was hype and extremely happy to see the starters from both teams play, unlike the fans at the San Antonio Spurs & Golden State Warriors game.

Teams should always play their best players and should let the best go head to head and duke it out. This is what the fans want to see.

It also seems like LeBron never slows down, despite his age. The thing I like about LeBron over Harden is he actually plays defense.

If I'm going to pick an NBA MVP then they have to be an all around player, not just focused on offense and getting buckets.

So many candidates up for the job this year. Let's not forget about Russell Westbrook and Isaiah Thomas.

Who do you think is MVP?

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Video courtesy of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

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