Marvin Bagley III Drew League Interview Highlights 2017 Before He Reclassified and Committed to Duke

Marvin Bagley III Drew League Interview 2017

Gold Net Basketball (@goldnetbasketball) catches up with Marvin Bagley III (@mb3five) after his week 7 Drew League battle against Baron Davis (@iambarondavis) and his squad New Edition this summer 17.

Marvin Bagley III Highlights Drew League 2017 w Marvin Bagley Jr (Father) Interview.

Gold Net Basketball caught some insight from Marvin Bagley Jr., the Father of Marvin Bagley III, about his thoughts on his son's game.

These are some highlights of Marvin Bagley III from his Drew League 2017 match ups against Baron Davis, Demar DeRozan and 2015 Drew League MVP Vince Camper.

We personally feel that Bagley is ready to compete at the next level. In each of his 3 games at The Drew Bagley was either player of the game or top performer. His style is unique, he can play as a big down low and he can hit from mid range extending to behind the arc.

Marvin Bagley III is on his way towards making changing the game already. By this we mean if he is capable of academically achieving enough credits this summer 17, he will be eligible to play College basketball this coming Fall. This is something other sports athletes will be sure to follow.

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Video by: Gold Net Basketball (@goldnetbasketball) Rick Montanez (@goldnetrick)

Edit by: Rick Montanez (@goldnetrick)

Interviewer: Sam Briones (@goldnetsam) Interviewee: Marvin Bagley III (@mb3five)

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