Birdies Revenge Is On A Path Of Destruction This Season.

Birdies Revenge is on a path of destruction this season. They have multiple blow out victories and continue to muscle their way through teams.

Led by 2016 Drew League co MVP and current MVP candidate Franklin Session aka Frank Nitty and Los Angeles Confidential, The Game, Birdies have been on a 9-0 roll this season and aren't looking to slow down any time soon.

Some have even argued that Birdie's schedule this season has a lot to do with their undefeated record. We say, regardless of their schedule, Birdies Revenge has stepped on the court with the same winning mentality week after week.

Let's not take any credit away from their competition either. Remember, each team at The Drew League competes to win, not one team goes out there eager to lose. Especially when they face off with top teams like Birdies, opponents are looking to give Birdies their first loss.

With that being said, the fight from each team has not been enough so far. Birdies are relentless and aggressive. The apply pressure early and do their best to wear down their opponents in the earlier minutes of each game. Their secret weapon? Frank Nitty.

Rule number one, don't trash talk with Nitty, he absolutely loves it and thrives off of it. It literally enhances his game. It seems like Nitty is catching a body every week! It started as early as week 2 of this 2017 Drew League season and even bumped up to two bodies a game since week 4.

Nitty is quick, dynamic and can jump from anywhere. We pay our respects to those brave souls who tried to contest Nitty's dunks, but relay this message along with it to everyone, jump at your own risk!

Session is on his way to earning a back-to-back Drew League MVP which has never been done before, or at least in the past 20 years or so. When asked about it, Session said that it's definitely on his mind, but the main prize is winning the championship and raising that banner as a team, the individual rewards mean nothing without a championship behind it. He also went on to say no more sharing, this is his year to win a solo MVP title. That is, if Antonio Bigelow of Houdinis Problems can stay out of the way.

Session understands that his MVP candidacy has a lot to do with the help of his team mates and their performances. Markus Bell has also been having a great year for Birdies Revenge. His big man presence is not something to ignore, Bell is extremely tough in the paint and fights for each rebound and has the strength to slam the ball with authority.

The Game has also impressed us this year, taking his game to the next level by driving it down the hole more and not just settling for open threes. He's also sharing the ball very well and getting his team more involved, including in-bound lobs to Nitty out of a timeout. Yes, we're noticing some developed plays coming out of dead ball situations from Birdies Revenge.

This Saturday at 3:15pm the highly anticipated match up of the year is going down! Birdies Revenge will face off against fellow undefeated, division rivals Houdini's Problems. This is a match you won't want to miss folks. MVP vs MVP. Undefeated vs undefeated.

Come through The Drew! It's family friendly, free and has a/c. Support your local LA hoopers. These guys don't just play, they play to win.

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Interviewer: Sam Briones (@goldnetsam) Interviewees: Franklin Session (@franknittyy) and The Game (@losangelesconfidential)


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