Birdies Revenge vs Houdinis Problems Drew League Week 9 Full Game Battle Highlights

Full Game Battle Highlights

The Drew League gym was Maxed out and Lit for this week 9 battle of undefeated teams. Birdies Revenge came into the game at 9-0 and featured the reigning Drew League Co-MVP Frank Session, aka Frank Nitty. Houdini's Problems came into this came at 10-0 led by Drew League MVP candidate Antonio Bigelow aka, The Swag Champ.

The game turned out to be a physical defensive battle that consisted of relentless full court press defenses and swarming double teams. The came was capped off by a controversial call reversal at the end of the game, in which one referee called off the game winning shot by Jojo Ballestero due to his foot being "out of bounds". Immediately following a second official came in to discuss the play and ruled that the shooter was in fact in bounds during the shot, calling the shot good. Houdini's Problems did have 4 seconds remaining on the clock to attempt a game winner of their own, but that shot was missed and the victory went to Birdies Revenge in the history books.

What made this game even more special, was the atmosphere and anticipation for this game at the grassroots level. The gym was literally jam packed, standing room only. The fire marshals had to refuse entrance to fans waiting outside. All of this for a basketball game that featured NOT 1 NBA player, just some of LA and SoCal's best basketball players facing off in a head on collision at the LA Basketball Underground known as The Drew League.

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Birdies Revenge Roster: Frank Session The Game Marcus Bell Roshun Wynne Jr Jerion Henry Jarrell Tate CJ Johnson Jojo Ballestero

Houdinis Problems Roster: Antonio Bigelow Garrett Nevels Jordan Sweeney Steve Alford Darnell Martin BJ Johnson Jamaal Barnes

Video by Rick Montanez (@GoldNetRick) & Sam Briones (@GoldNetSam) Produced by Sam Briones (@GoldNetSam)

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