BB4L vs LA Loop 2017 Drew League Week 5 Battle Sequence

Teams: BB4L vs LA Loop

Summer17 Drew League Week 5

2016 Drew League defending champions BB4L presented by Baron Davis (@iambarondavis) and the face of the Drew League Casper Ware Jr (@c_warejr) went head to head with 2016 Drew League Coach of the Year Keion Kindred (@keyz0501) and 2016 Drew League co MVP Pat "P-Stacks" Rembert (@prembert11).

This battle came down to the final seconds with LA Loop handing BB4L their second loss of the 2017 Drew League season 88-87 final score.

BB4L started off hot and took and early lead in the game with a 12-3 run, but LA Loop would respond by countering with an 11-0 run themselves. This game would prove to become a back and forth lead exchange with both teams taking turns going on short runs.

This game turned out to be an extreme battle between the two guards, Casper Ware Jr (BB4L) and Pat Rembert (LA Loop), along with a down low battle in the paint between bigs, Charles Jackson (BB4L) and Theron LauderMill (LA Loop).

As soon as Casper would come down court and drain a jumper, Rembert would respond immediately with a bucket of his own. It would be the long range efforts of Rembert that would ultimately give LA Loop the advantage in the end. Along with finishes from teammates like Justin Cobbs and Donald Lucious.

Charles Jackson would prove to be the most effective weapon for BB4L because LA Loop had no one who could stop him. Jackson had multiple rebound and put backs and a couple mean dunks, lighting up the crowd and building momentum for BB4L.

Theron Laudermill and Eric Williams took turns battling with Jackson down low and were able to wear him down on their offensive side of the court making it difficult for Jackson to conserve any kind of energy throughout the game.

This game also had some big hustle plays won by guys like Van Girard (BB4L) and Lateef McMullan (LA Loop). The team efforts from both of these teams is what made them both playoff contenders. One thing for sure is that no one wants to lose at The Drew. No matter what week it is or which team it is, these guys come out and play with heart.

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