Day in the Life of @ArtMobb Michael Farhat Ft. @Clipps555

We spent a day with Michael Farhat (@artmobb) & Ian Rice (@clipps555) to talk basketball & art. ArtMobb tells us how he went from working on the Simpsons and Family Guy to going independent with his art, and working his way up to creating art for some of the biggest names in the game. Including, but not limited to Drake, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, Snoop Dogg, Nick Cannon, and many more. We cruise around LA to take a look at some of ArtMobb's paintings in the local shops, highlighted by a painting of michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Then we visit his house which he and his wife @Califawnia are slowly turning into an art museum of its own. It's a truly unique experience, and a peek into the creative minds of the Los Angeles artists @ArtMobb & @Califawnia, and they are just getting started. We visit the set of Baron Davis' new show featuring Brandon Armstrong (@bdotadot5), where we hang out back stage for a bit while BD and the cast finish up their final shoot. We didnt get a chance to talk with Baron Davis at the time so we decide to hit the Santa Monica Pier and shoot some hoops for a friendly competition. Interview with Baron Davis dropping in the next episode so be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more! LIKE if you enjoyed this episode. SHARE to help us grow and improve!

Special Thanks to @ArtMobb & @Califawnia for inviting us into their home, and for the hospitality!

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Edited By : Sam Briones Rick Montanez


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