Chris Staples Episode 1: Motivation

Chris Staples defines what it truly means to be Gold Net. His journey takes him from Detroit to Los Angeles as he describes the faith involved in turning a weekend stay into a lifelong dream.

Staples starts his story off by leaving his "regular job" in Detroit for the chance to play in Sprite's "Uncontainable Game" hosted by LeBron James & Kobe Bryant during the 2012 All-Star weekend.

Staples goes on to say how he hated leaving LA because he would always feel like he was "missing something" or an event he should have been apart of. So Chris took his last $1,500 and spent it on a chance to take LA by storm without any intentions of looking back.

Staples' journey began when he first learned how to dunk. "There was no going back from there, I was just going to practice and become the best at it." He would then test his dunking styles and abilities against some of the top dunkers in the world in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

Staples would go on to take first place in that dunk contest earning him $10,000. "That's a lot of money for one day's work, but is it enough to last you the whole year? No." Chris had his priorities right and knew what he had to do. Use this as motivation to keep pursuing his dream of making basketball his professional career.

Shortly after winning multiple dunk contests Staples' was approached by the Harlem Globetrotters where he was fulfilling his dream, "getting paid to slam dunk all day, everyday."

It wasn't long until this young man's talents were noticed by many others, including McDonalds, where they starred him in one of their commercials.

"I was able to create my own lane and market myself" through the use of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. "When I create an Instagram account, I use it for business, so every post is going to be about my business because people look at that."

Chris Staples utilized the internet and all the tools accessible to help promote his talents and land him gigs for commercials, celebrity basketball events and even a lead acting role in an independent film "Slamma Jamma" which hit over 500 theaters nation wide.

Opportunities are blessings, but they also come with a cost. "It was a cost because I had to choose between this movie and giving up my job with the Globetrotters." Uncertainty vs Stability. "But if I had to keep asking, then I knew where my heart was, and in the end I'm happy I did it...I would have been more regretful had I not taken that opportunity and saw someone else on the cover of that movie."

"If you have a passion for something, go out there and do it. You really can do anything you put your mind to." But Chris, what if you fail? "I'm ok with failing because I know I'm going to continue to strive and continue to work hard because that's how you're going to get through."

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