The Creator of the And1 Mixtape - Set Free Interview

The Godfather of the basketball highlight video, the creator of THE And1 Mixtape, DJ Set-Free (@iam_setfree) talks about how he came up with the And1 Mixtape and the beginnings of the And1 Tour. He talks about the impact that the And1 Mixtape had on basketball and the culture, and what its like to see how far the basketball mixtape culture has come in the age of the internet and social media, and what he feels about the future of basketball. He also shares some words of wisdom for people chasing their passions and creating their own lane in the basketball industry.

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Camera & Edit: Sam Briones @goldnetsam Interviewer: Rick Montanez @goldnetrick And1 Footage via And1 Mixtapes vol 1, 3, 6 Interview Location: Baron Davis @Slic basketball art gallery #4theculture

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