Casper Ware Jr. Drew League Summer 2017 Season Mix

Casper Ware Jr. shows why he's the face of the Drew League. One of the best guards to hold the rock. Ace shooter and extremely lethal scoring ability.

Casper has earned multiple Gold Nets, including the 2016 Drew League Championship and most recently, 2018 Championship with his NBL team Melbourne United.

Casper plays with massive heart on both ends of the court. The last clip in this video showcases his tough defensive effort against another great guard, Frank "Nitty" Session.

In the 2016 Drew League Finals Casper went off for a 30 burger lighting up the crowd and all throughout the 2017 season Casper lit teams up with multiple 3's including one game where he hit 8 3's to bury the competition. We have renamed him, Clutch Ware.

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