Melo Ball Drops 30+ in Loss INTENSE BATTLE Drew League!

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Melo drops 31 points and 13 assists in loss against one of Drew Leagues most dangerous teams the Citi Team Blazers. The game was intense from the start with tensions high and trash talk plenty from the jump. The Blazers have been one of the best teams at the Drew League over the last few years featuring professional players like Casper Ware Jr, Malcom Thomas, Van Girard, and others. Casper Wares brother Ervin Ware, caught fire and was splashing three after three finishing the game with 18 points 7rebs 8 asts and 4 stls. Malcom Thomas was a beast on the low post, George Preciado (the voice of The Drew) calling Thomas the best big man at The Drew, and its hard to argue that.

No Shnacks Sean Marshall, Justin Young, Eli Scott, and Marvelle Harris all had good performances, but the shooting and rebounding of Citi Team Blazers was too much to overcome.

Drew League Playoff Schedule: Citi Team Blazers play Reapers Black Ops in the Playoffs on Saturday August 10th at 3:30 PM

No Shnacks plays Nationwide Blue Devils Saturday August 10th at 4:45pm at Los Angeles Southwest College

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