Kobe AD Full Interview Preparing for Life After Basketball Kobe at AD Shoe Release Event 2016

This is footage from the Kobe AD shoe release event in November 2016. Like and Subscribe if you appreciate this type of content! It inspires us to do more! 00:01 Intro - They had a Dia de los Muertos theme to the event celebrating the death of Kobe Bryant the basketball player and the birth of Kobe Bryant the business and family man. The theme is very eerie in the new context since Kobes passing(God rest his soul).

01:00 Sit down interview with Liz Hernandez - What he speaks about in the interview gives us an idea of the type of mentality and approach he had toward retirement from the game of basketball, and some of the things he looked forward to the most about retirement.

04:30 He what the mamba mentality means to him and how to tap into the mamba mentality and the importance of sharing knowledge of the game to the next generation.

07:08 Individual questions with Kobe - We get a chance to ask Kobe a couple of questions. Rick asks Kobe about the differences and upgrades to the Kobe AD and Sam asks Kobe what challenges he faces as a business man, and he shares some golden wisdom that all entrepreneurs could benefit from. This day was extra special to us and represented such a great accomplishment for us on our entrepreneurial journey. Gold Net was greatly influenced by Kobe Bryants basketball career and what he taught us all about the power of the mind. We had told ourselves since day 1 that our basketball journey would lead us to meeting and possibly working with Kobe one day, and this was what we believed to be the first of many encounters with the living legend.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to attend this event and we will do everything we can to push Kobes legacy forward using basketball as the platform and the vehicle.

God Bless the Families of everyone affected by the helicopter tragedy. The basketball community will never be the same.

Special thanks to the Nike family for the invitation.

Recorded, Edited and Narrated by Sam Briones (@goldnetsam) and Rick Montanez (@goldnetrick) on instagram. Be sure to follow instagram.com/goldnetbasketball for more content!


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