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Player & Team Registration

Sign up as a player, and enter the name of your team (if you have one). Team name can be added or changed later.



Players will be eligible to compete once player / team fees are confirmed as paid. Registration fees must be paid 7 days prior to the confirmed tournament date.

Tournament Date

The tournament date will be announced once 8 teams have been signed up to compete. Target date is late February- early March. 


Target location is a High School in the Long Beach, CA area. We feel its a good middle ground between the OC teams, and the LA teams. We are open to any feedback regarding tournament location.

Key Rules

Game duration: Highest score after 20 minute running clock. Clock will stop on dead ball situations within the last 1 minutes of the game.

Fouls:  Shooting fouls on missed shots will result in 2 free throws. Any shooting foul on made shots, the extra point will automatically be rewarded. After 8 team fouls, every foul will result in bonus 1-1 free throws. 

Timeouts: 2 twenty second time outs per team per game. 

Rosters: Teams may have up to 8 players per roster to allow for substitutions throughout the tournament.

Subs: Unlimited Subs, Players must check in at the scorers table to sub into the game. Subs may enter the game during dead ball situations.

Overtime: One 2-minute overtime. 2nd overtime will be sudden death.

Timed Violations: All standard timed violations apply

Uniforms: Teams must wear matching colored shirts or jerseys.